About us

Quality above all

Our company has operated since January 1998 and it achieved turnover CZK 1,8 mil immediately during the very first year.

Turnover of the company was still increasing and exceeded CZK 10 mil in year 2004.

We increase performance through investment in new technologies and by means of appropriate organizational measures maintain low prices and high quality of our products.

Our goal is to satisfy customers from design through production to direct delivery to the destination.

Our customers are not only domestic but they come also from EU, Canada, USA, Korea, and Japan and from other developed countries.

Our customers are mainly engineering companies focused on manufacture of tools and instruments. Additionally, our customers are also toy, wine, weapon, glass and pottery manufacturers.

In this field we co-operate with big advertising and promotional agencies, for example, Vitana, Peugeot, UNICEF and others.

We co-operate on important promotional projects in EU countries.